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It’s been six months since I got diagnosed with a lifelong illness, here’s how I’m dealing


Oh my goodness guys! Can you believe that Christmas is almost a week away? Are you already? I am, I got all my Christmas presents ready, I decided that today would be my deadline to have every single one of them, and I did it! I’m so happy about that cause I always end up having to run to the store for a last minute gift or wrapping and I hate how many people are there and how long the lines are and it’s all just a big mess, so this year I am so so proud of myself (tip: Amazon Prime can be your new ally this season!) so I’m off to enjoy some Holiday parties this weekend! Make it a good one 🙂 ¡Noooo! ¿Pueden creerlo? Falta un poquitito más de una semana para la Navidad, ¿ya están listos? Yo sí, ya tengo mis regalos listos, me propuse tenerlos listos a más tardar hoy ¡y lo logré! no saben lo feliz que eso me hace porque siempre acabo en las tiendas comprando algo …