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How’s it going you guys? Are you ready to celebrate? I really wish I could go on a date with all of you my lovely followers! Thanks so much for all you sweet and kind words as well as your support on every one of my posts, for that and more, today I want to say, I love you all!


Happy Valentine’s Day, Valentines! What are you doing today? Is there someone especial you’re going to hang out with? I bet there is, even if you’re not in a relationship we always have that bff or squad to celebrate with. In my case it is the third year ever that I’ve had a partner to celebrate with, so today bae and I are celebrating, but we’re keeping it pretty low key this year, we decided no presents and just hang out together, watch a movie and cook dinner together. But still, I want to share with you 3 looks for this fun day. Do share your plans, I’d love to read about them! ¡Feliz día de San Valentín! ¿Qué planes tienes para hoy? ¿Hay alguien especial con quien lo pasarás? Apuesto a que sí, aún si no estás en una relación siempre tenemos a esa mejor amiga o amigas con quienes celebrar. En mi caso es apenas el tercer año que he tenido una pareja con quién celebrar, hoy bae y yo festejaremos pero la …