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Rumor has it that there was once a Koi fish who swam upstream the Yellow River, and made it to one of the waterfalls after 100 years of trying, the Gods then decided to reward him for its strenght and perseverance and turned it into a golden dragon. I read this tale the other day and decided we should all be like the koi, never giving up, in the end it’ll be worth it. Dicen que una vez existió un pez Koi que nado contracorriente el Río Amarillo y después de 100 años de intentarlo logró llegar a una de las cascadas, como recompensa por su fuerza y perseverancia los dioses decidieron convertirlo en un dragón dorado. Leí ese cuento hace unos días, y decidí que todos deberíamos ser como los peces Koi (carpas) y no rendirnos, siempre valdrá la pena hacer el esfuerzo. WEARING | USANDO: BODYSUIT FOREVER 21 SHORTS ZARA SHOES ZARA BAG ZARA SUNNIES SHASA PHOTOGRAPHY | FOTOGRAFÍA: JORGE SORIANO LOCATION | LOCACIÓN: SAN TELMO TOWN CENTER Advertisements


Hi guys! It’s wednesday already and today I want to share this post with you, I’m going to talk to you a little bit about blogging behind the scenes, cause many people don’t know much about all the inner workings of the trade, so scroll down to find out 10 things we all wish non-blogger people knew. ¡Hola! Ya es miércoles y hoy quiero compartir éste post, les voy a contar un poco sobre el detrás de cámaras de ser blogger, porque mucha gente no sabe qué onda con todo lo que implica serlo, así que sigue leyendo para saber 10 cosas que a veces deseamos que los no-bloggers supieran. 1. WE DON’T POST EVERYTHING ON SOCIAL MEDIA Many people think that whenever we’re looking at our phones during a social situation is cause we’re sharing everything in our social media, well we don’t, I seriously don’t want to share this private moment with my friends and family with the whole world. What we share is a curated feed of our lives, which takes me …