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I realized that the reason I was so nervous wasn’t having all those kids photograph me, but it was the part about this situation not being a part of my beloved comfort zone.


One of this year’s biggest footwear trends are the so called ugly sneakers, shoes that stray from the minimalist design we’re so used to, now it’s all about big and chunky soles that remind us of our dad’s 80’s and 90’s sneakers, I couldn’t help myself and got this pair, sorry I can’t afford Balenciaga yet, so these Nike will do.


Hi there my friends! I’m sorry for my absence last week, but I was in need of a break, how was your weekend? Here we had a rough one, we had a bit of a winter storm and it was such a cold couple of days. Yesterday I went to a farewell party for one of my close friends, he’s moving out of the country and for some reason this one really hit me because it somehow made me realize that we are all getting older and that sometimes your best friends won’t live forever in the same city as you, and that’s just how life works, so I was kind of bummed out about it, even if I know he’s going away to live a better life you know? It was kind of a tough reality check. ¡Hola amigos! Lamento mi ausencia la semana pasada, pero necesitaba un descanso, ¿cómo estuvo su finde? Aquí estuvo duro, llegó una tormenta invernal y han sido días muy fríos. Ayer tuve la despedida de uno de mis …


Hey there guys! How’s it going? You know, the last couple of weeks have been a bit weird for me, I’ve been going through some personal stuff, and I haven’t been myself 100%, I’ve been feeling blue, I guess there’s been unexpected changes in my daily life, and on my life dynamics, that I can’t wrap my head around just yet, I know it all takes time, and I’m trying my best, but this week it just feels like too much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up, I’m trying to keep a positive outlook on all of this, you’ve no idea how much I try, it’s exhausting, but that’s just the fighter in me refusing to fall, or to fall and stay down. So forgive me if I haven’t replied to all of your lovely comments, I’m reading them, but I want to be in the right mindset to answer them, thanks for all the support and nice comments, instagram messages and nice gestures, I’ll be myself in a while again! I love …


It’s friday babes! What are your plans for the weekend? I’m in serious need of sleep and not doing a thing, but who knows! I got this jean jacket from Forever21 and I’m obsessed with it, it’s the perfect statement piece for spring, no joking I’m wearing this everyday nowadays, I also decided to give half buns a try and I love how it looks with my pink hair, this week I’ve been trying new hairstyles, I liked this half bun, but so far I think my two french braids are the favorite one, what’s your go to hairstyle this season? ¡Es viernes bebés! ¿qué plan para el finde? a mi me urge dormir y descansar, pero quién sabe, siempre salen planes de último minuto. Compré ésta chaqueta de mezclilla en Forever21 y estoy obsesionada con ella, es la pieza clave de primavera, neta la uso diario, también decidí probar con un half bun y me gustó mucho como se ve con mi cabellito de unicornio, ésta semana estuve probando peinados nuevos, éste me gustó, …