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I think I’m in love with colors! This is how I decided to wear a silky PJ inspired romper from Forever 21


EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED   Sometimes life just happens and gets in the way, most of the times we make plans and they rarely go according to the original set up. Not being prepared for the unexpected can often create frustration, that’s why we need to adapt, it might sound hard, but in the long run, adapting to the tosses and turns of life makes living easier, makes for a happier life, I’m not saying frustration will disappear, but in time you’ll get better at sorting through these situations. This is a rather small outfit post cause just as we were starting to shoot the rain came down on us, but I decided I’d make the most of the pics we had. A veces la vida sólo sucede, la mayoría de las veces hacemos planes y la verdad es que rara vez las cosas suceden como esperabamos. El no estar preparados para lo inesperado puede muchas veces causar frustración, es por eso que debemos adaptarnos, claro, suena más fácil de lo que es, pero al final …