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Let’s get real about weight gaining issues!



Hi there again, how’s life going? If you remember last week I was still on my way to feeling better after my ordeal at the hospital, well, I think I’m so much better now, still waiting to get tested, but healthy again. Hola nuevamente, ¿cómo va la vida? Si lo recuerdan, la semana pasada comenzaba a recuperarme después de mi aventura en el hospital, pues, creo que voy mejorando, aún me falta, pero mejor ya estoy. Today I want to talk a little bit about something that’s been going on on the media over the last couple of months, using the t-shirt on this look as inspiration, the #metoo movement. Hoy quiero hablar un poco de algo que ha estado pasando en los medios durante los últimos meses, tomando la playera de éste look como inspiración, el movimiento #metoo (yo también). What is this? Well, in case you haven’t heard, this started after Alyssa Milano tweeted “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet” which was followed by …


Hi guys! It’s that part of the month where I share with you some personal thoughts here on the blog, before I start this one, I just want to thank you all so much for your engagement on my last POM post, it was awesome reading all those comments, it means the world to me, so please, share your thoughts on this as well. ¡Hola, hola! Llegamos a esa parte del mes en la que te platico algunos pensamientos personales, antes de comenzar con éste, quiero darte las gracias por todas las respuestas en mi último post en ésta sección, me encantó leer todos esos comentarios, significan un montón, así que porfa, compárteme tu opinión en éste también. We all have fears, something that scares us, sometimes, it’s about something that we can see, touch and feel, for me, that’d be spiders and needles, but most of the times, without even noticing it, our fears are ideas or thoughts, for me that’d be failure or rejection. These are the worst kind of fears, cause most …


When you see a “stylish” person what do you think? According to my google research words like superficial, frivolous, crazy, useless, ridiculous, come up more often than not, it seems as humans we tend to generalize and stick to the easiest answer possible. The other day I was talking to a friend whom I’ve been helping with style tips here and there cause she’s trying to put together cooler outfits, and suddenly I found myself telling her about my shopping habits and my outfit making process, and then I told her something I’ve known my whole life, I use clothing and personal style as a way of expressing myself, always have and always will, and to me, and probably people who’ve done this all their lives is pretty obvious that fashion doesn’t make us frivolous or shallow. Cuando ves a una persona “a la moda” ¿qué piensas? De acuerdo a mi búsqueda en google, palabras como superficial, frívolo, banal, inservible, ridícula, salen a relucir más de lo que se cree, parece ser que a los …