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Please ignore the bruises on my legs from too much pole fitness-ing haha, they do get some stares I gotta admit, to me they feel like honor badges, something to feel proud of, cause they usually mean I finally got a new possition just right. This was a rather hot weekend, I could barely stand the heat, it’s that awful heat that makes you want to lay in a vegetative state for days on end, this wasn’t such a productive weekend, but I still managed to get important things done, like, you know, binge watching the entire Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt third season in a day, shoot for the blog, be somewhat sociable, get some shopping done and, oh who am I kidding, it was a productive weekend haha, this fact doesn’t make mondays suck any less, but here’s some outfit inspiration to get you through it. What did you do over the weekend? Was it a productive or lazy one? Por favor ignoren los moretones en mis piernas de tanto pole fitness, atraen miradas, eso …