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Is there a key to self-confidence? Fake it till you make it sister!



It’s been a rough couple (probably more) of weeks and being completely honest I’m feeling exhausted, especially cause I keep fighting mental illness like a champ and trying to live a normal life, and add to that my being in the hospital a while ago, and the normal dread of existence we all go through, no wonder why I’m wishing I could be put in a deep slumber for the next month. But anyhow, I’m still here, fighting, going to the gym (that’s a new one!), going to my pole fitness sessions, wearing braces (yet again), trying to eat healthier, and working on new and cool projects and planning new adventures that I can’t wait to share with you. Han sido unas semanas difíciles (quizá un poco más) y siendo totalmente honesta me siento exhausta, en especial porque sigo luchando contra mi enfermedad mental como una campeona e intento llevar una vida normal, pero échenle encima que estuve en el hospital hace un mes, y el peso normal de la existencia que todos cargamos, la …


Okay we can all agree that New’s Boy Cap is one of falls hottest pieces, as well as knee high boots, so today I want to talk about how to wear these two pieces. First let’s talk about the hat, hat’s are having a major comeback lately, for quite some time they were overlooked by fashion and I dare to say it was a huge faux pas, headwear is amazing (I’ve been a fan since I can remember) and luckily this season’s main character is this kind of hat, the “New’s Boy” cap, I love that it is such a casual piece that can compliment any outfit while keeping you warm and toasty. Now, over the knee (or OTK for short) boots, these have been in style since last year, but they’ve moved on to 2017 and this year we’re not only seeing them in suede (like mine) but also scuba and velvet <3, wear them over jeans, with sweater dresses like I did, with skirts, boho dresses, and so many other cool options. So, …