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Planning on visiting the District soon? Here’s everything you need to know, and if not, feel free to ask!



Hi humans! Another month’s gone by, and it baffles me how fast time goes by, summer is now in full swing and a lot of things are happening, my 1 year anniverssary of no smoking was on the 19th (yay!), but anyways, here’s my visual recap. I started the month telling you a bit more of my feminist beliefs and wearing a killer outfit with a graphic tee; I dyed my hair pink once again and had an awesome collab with SheIn; then I was super daring and I went out without any pants, I made an awesome case for why we should all stop wearing pants all-together, and I showed you why details make the difference in any outfit. Now, in the past few month’s you guys have asked me how to balance a blog and a personal life, so I made a post for you talking about it. By the second half of the month I realized I just needed to have some high waisted skinny jeans so I went and found this …


Hi guys! Thank you so much for your comments on yesterday’s post! They mean the world to me! So it’s the last day of May and it’s already mid-year, whoa time does fly, so let’s recap what went on via Instagram (you can follow me here) I showed you my lipstick collection at the beggining of the month, I also made another beauty post with three easy hairstyles for this hot weather, I got to enjoy some of AVON’s new Mark products, I also paid a visit to a new and cool nail salon in my home town. There were lots of cool laid back outfits, ideal for the weekend, for the heat of the season and to feel empowered, I talked about loving everything in my closet at the moment and how it feels like I’ve found my unifom. I took a day trip to Guadalajara that resulted in me getting a lovely addition for my wardrobe, and I confessed that these past weeks have been kind of hard for me and I’m having a bit …


So life update from my Instagram the highlights of this month are here: Kicked off the month by attending Roxy Festival, I got to see Morrissey live and also Placebo, which I’d been dreaming since I was 13. I got to collaborate with some awesome people, worked with Ina Villarreal, Quetzalsavi and Moda en la Ciudad for their new video. I also did my first post for Timex, I’ll be working with them this year! Attended Brünna Bedroom’s launch party. Spent an awesome Saturday by the lake with bae. I am now a blonde! So that’s pretty much it, feel free to follow me and I’ll follow back! How was your month? Ready for May? Hoy les tengo un update desde mi Instagram los highlights del mes son estos: Empecé el mes en el  Roxy Festival, vi a Morrissey y Placebo, con lo cual soñaba desde los 13. Tuve colaboraciones con gente genial, como Ina Villarreal, Quetzalsavi y Moda en la Ciudad en su  nuevo video. También trabajé en mi primer post con Timex, estaré trabajando con ellos éste año. Fui a la …


If you follow me on Instagram, you’re aware that the past weekend I attended a music festival in Guadalajara called Roxy Festival, and today I want to share all about it with you. Si me sigues en Instagram, sabes que el finde pasado estuve en un festival en Guadalajara, llamado Roxy Festival, y hoy quiero compartirte mi experiencia. This wasn’t my first music festival, I’ve been to Corona Capital a couple of times before, my expectations for this one were to see a huge one like CC, but it actually was a rather small one, 13 artists were on the bill this time, nothing compared to the 50+ that CC features in two days. Cabe destacar que no era mi primer festival, había ido un par de veces al Corona Capital anteriormente, por lo que mis expectativas para éste eran las de un evento enorme, tipo el Corona, pero la verdad es que fue un evento super pequeño, con 13 artistas en el cartel en ésta ocasión, nada comparado a los más de 50 que el CC …


Hi guys! I can’t believe march is DONE! So these are my favorite pictures on IG this month, ofc there’s more, so head over to my profile and let’s be friends? Have an awesome friday! ¡Hola! No puedo creer que se nos acabó marzo, así que aquí te dejo mis fotos favoritas de Instagram, obvio hay más, así que ve a mi perfil y ¡seamos amigos! ¡Que tengan bonito viernes!