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So, when I was 22 I decided I’d take a break from school and move to another country and travel…


Hi guys! Thank you so much for your comments on yesterday’s post! They mean the world to me! So it’s the last day of May and it’s already mid-year, whoa time does fly, so let’s recap what went on via Instagram (you can follow me here) I showed you my lipstick collection at the beggining of the month, I also made another beauty post with three easy hairstyles for this hot weather, I got to enjoy some of AVON’s new Mark products, I also paid a visit to a new and cool nail salon in my home town. There were lots of cool laid back outfits, ideal for the weekend, for the heat of the season and to feel empowered, I talked about loving everything in my closet at the moment and how it feels like I’ve found my unifom. I took a day trip to Guadalajara that resulted in me getting a lovely addition for my wardrobe, and I confessed that these past weeks have been kind of hard for me and I’m having a bit …


Today people in the US celebrate Thanksgiving, during my time living in the beautiful DMV area I got to experience this holiday, this is a day to spend with family and loved ones and to be thankful for the good things this year brought, I find it beautiful and even if it’s not a Mexican tradition, I thought it’s a good moment reflect and feel thankful and blessed for the things we’ve got in our lives