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I’m constantly trying to be better, to be kinder, smarter, happier, less afraid, more confident, less angry at the past, more thankful, and so on.


Okay we can all agree that New’s Boy Cap is one of falls hottest pieces, as well as knee high boots, so today I want to talk about how to wear these two pieces. First let’s talk about the hat, hat’s are having a major comeback lately, for quite some time they were overlooked by fashion and I dare to say it was a huge faux pas, headwear is amazing (I’ve been a fan since I can remember) and luckily this season’s main character is this kind of hat, the “New’s Boy” cap, I love that it is such a casual piece that can compliment any outfit while keeping you warm and toasty. Now, over the knee (or OTK for short) boots, these have been in style since last year, but they’ve moved on to 2017 and this year we’re not only seeing them in suede (like mine) but also scuba and velvet <3, wear them over jeans, with sweater dresses like I did, with skirts, boho dresses, and so many other cool options. So, …