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Fashion month is coming close to the end, and this week I’m sharing my favorite street style looks from Milan Fashion Week!


Hi guys! I can’t believe 2 months more have gone by, time really does fly by, today I’m so excited about sharing this post with you, cause I think I’m really appreciating the changes in my body after these months of steady work outs, 3/4’s of a year into practicing pole fitness twice a week these are the changes I’ve seen: Legs: stronger and more toned, I feel they’ve gotten bigger from the muscle I’m building. My flexibility has increased a lot over the last couple of months. Tummy: my core strength has increased a lot, upper abs and lower ones feel harder, still need to work on the middle area. Butt: has gotten perkier and has grown, seriously I’m gonna need new jeans soon. Arms: way stronger, I’m able to do more push ups in a row than 2 months ago, they feel more toned, shoulder flexibility has improved. Back: feels stronger, my posture has changed. Self esteem: I feel awesome being able to conquer all of these challenges. ¡Hola! No puedo creer que …