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I tried items from the brand Femme Luxe, here are my thoughts



Hi guys welcome back! First of all a big apology to all of you for my absence on the blog, and yes I’ve got some explaining to do so keep reading to find out more about what’s been going on in my life. I have no idea where to begin this but I guess I’m just going to type it all and let things flow like I said I’d do. So, I know it’s been almost 3 weeks since my last post and that’s so not like me but, when I started this year I wasn’t completely sure where this was going you know? Then I decided I needed some thinking to do and that I needed to start shifting things towards that goal I’ve in mind, so that at first why I retreated, then as I was getting ready to start working with all my heart on this blog I love so much I ended up sick (like, hospital sick) and since I’m still on the mend, well, here we are today. So, what …


Hi guys! It’s wednesday already and today I want to share this post with you, I’m going to talk to you a little bit about blogging behind the scenes, cause many people don’t know much about all the inner workings of the trade, so scroll down to find out 10 things we all wish non-blogger people knew. ¡Hola! Ya es miércoles y hoy quiero compartir éste post, les voy a contar un poco sobre el detrás de cámaras de ser blogger, porque mucha gente no sabe qué onda con todo lo que implica serlo, así que sigue leyendo para saber 10 cosas que a veces deseamos que los no-bloggers supieran. 1. WE DON’T POST EVERYTHING ON SOCIAL MEDIA Many people think that whenever we’re looking at our phones during a social situation is cause we’re sharing everything in our social media, well we don’t, I seriously don’t want to share this private moment with my friends and family with the whole world. What we share is a curated feed of our lives, which takes me …



Please ignore the bruises on my legs from too much pole fitness-ing haha, they do get some stares I gotta admit, to me they feel like honor badges, something to feel proud of, cause they usually mean I finally got a new possition just right. This was a rather hot weekend, I could barely stand the heat, it’s that awful heat that makes you want to lay in a vegetative state for days on end, this wasn’t such a productive weekend, but I still managed to get important things done, like, you know, binge watching the entire Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt third season in a day, shoot for the blog, be somewhat sociable, get some shopping done and, oh who am I kidding, it was a productive weekend haha, this fact doesn’t make mondays suck any less, but here’s some outfit inspiration to get you through it. What did you do over the weekend? Was it a productive or lazy one? Por favor ignoren los moretones en mis piernas de tanto pole fitness, atraen miradas, eso …