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So, when I was 22 I decided I’d take a break from school and move to another country and travel…



Rumor has it that there was once a Koi fish who swam upstream the Yellow River, and made it to one of the waterfalls after 100 years of trying, the Gods then decided to reward him for its strenght and perseverance and turned it into a golden dragon. I read this tale the other day and decided we should all be like the koi, never giving up, in the end it’ll be worth it. Dicen que una vez existió un pez Koi que nado contracorriente el Río Amarillo y después de 100 años de intentarlo logró llegar a una de las cascadas, como recompensa por su fuerza y perseverancia los dioses decidieron convertirlo en un dragón dorado. Leí ese cuento hace unos días, y decidí que todos deberíamos ser como los peces Koi (carpas) y no rendirnos, siempre valdrá la pena hacer el esfuerzo. WEARING | USANDO: BODYSUIT FOREVER 21 SHORTS ZARA SHOES ZARA BAG ZARA SUNNIES SHASA PHOTOGRAPHY | FOTOGRAFÍA: JORGE SORIANO LOCATION | LOCACIÓN: SAN TELMO TOWN CENTER


em·pow·er əmˈpou(ə)r/ verb past tense: empowered; past participle: empowered give (someone) the authority or power to do something. “nobody was empowered to sign checks on her behalf” 2. make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. “movements to empower the poor” That’s how I feel lately, I want to shatter glass ceilings, not fit into glass slippers, my femininity isn’t the limit, it’s the reason. Así me siento últimamente, quiero romper techos de cristal, no entrar en zapatillas de cristal, mi femineidad no es un límite, es la razón.   WEARING | USANDO: BLAZER FOREVER21 BODY BERSHKA GIRLS TROUSERS SFERA SUNNIES SAMMYDRESS SHOES SHASA


I got this bodysuit a couple of weeks ago, it was hanging at the GIRLS section at Bershka, I didn’t care, it was the perfect piece for summer, I tried it on and it fit perfectly, I knew I needed it in my closet, now, I don’t wear this kind of pieces too often, if not ever, my style is defined by lots of basic pieces that work well together, and statement pieces like this one are rare to find, I wasn’t too sure if buying this was a great idea, but I’m trying to be a bit more adventurous with my style choices lately, and if there’s something we learned from the Advanced Style documentary on Netflix, is that you’re never too old for fun, statement pieces. So, what do you think? Hit or miss? Compré éste body hace unas semanas, estaba colgando en la sección GIRLS de Bershka, no me importó, era la pieza perfecta para el verano, me lo probé y me quedó perfecto, sabía que lo necesitaba en mi closet, no uso …