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Ripped jeans have always been seen as some sort of evil piece of clothing designed to hurt the eyes of adults and “respectable” people. C’mon how many jokes about your ripped denims haven’t you heard from your dad/grandma/uncle? Too many huh? But the truth is, we love our ripped denim, don’t we? It makes us look cool in an understated way, it’s low key rebellious and oh so chic if done correctly. Los jeans rotos siempre han sido mal vistos, como si fueran una prenda diseñada especialmente para lastimarle los ojos a la gente mayor. Neta, ¿cuántos chistes no has escuchado salir de la boca de tu papá/abuelita/tíos acerca de tus pantalones rotos? ¿bastantes huh? Pero la verdad es que amamos nuestra mezclilla rota, ¿no? Nos hacen ver cool de una manera sencilla, es rebelde en un bajo perfil y super chic si se hace correctamente. WEARING | USANDO: TOP ZARA KIMONO ZAFUL JEANS BERSHKA LOAFERS BERSHKA BAG YSL PHOTOGRAPHY | FOTOGRAFÍA: JORGE SORIANO


Hey there humans! I hope this monday works out great for you, I hope mine does as well hehe, today I want to talk about this dress, as I told you, last week I went to Guadalajara for what I thought was a day trip, but oh surprise I had to stay there for a couple of days, and yes, you guessed it right, I hadn’t taken any luggage with me, so what do you do at a time like that? Go shopping of course! ¡Hola humanos! Espero que éste lunes les vaya genial y espero que a mi también hehe, hoy quiero contarles de éste vestido, como les dije, la semana pasada fui a Guadalajara para lo que pensé sería un viaje de ida y vuelta, pero sorpresivamente, me tuve que quedar otro día, y sí, no llevaba equipaje, ¿qué se hace en esas situaciones? ¡ir de compras por supuesto! I ended up getting this dress from the basics section at H&M and oh dear, I want to wear this every day for the …

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Guys! I can’t believe it’s already friday! My week was pretty sweet, I was in Guadalajara for two days, and had an awesome time, the trip killed me and I was so tired when I came back, but I still enjoyed it so much, I’m still not pretty sure what my plans are for the weekend, but I think they’ll mostly center around chilling and working on next week’s posts, what about yours? Ya es viernes y no me la creo, mi semana estuvo bastante buena, estuve en Guadalajara dos días y me la pasé increíble, eso sí, el viaje me mató y estaba cansadísima cuando volví a casa, pero aún así lo disfruté un montón, aún no estoy segura de qué haré éste finde, pero creo que se centrarán en descansar y preparar los posts de la siguiente semana, ¿los tuyos? I’m loving my new heels from Missguided UK this week, I got them on a site called Trendier that I just found and I’m obsessed with it, you can buy and sell clothes …



I think I’ve reached a point where I’m so in love with my style and what I have in my closet, of course there’s always an addition that can be made, but I think at the moment I’m pretty happy and confident in my style, last year I wrote a recap post of my favorite looks after 6 months of blogging and back then, with only 9 outfits I realized the things I loved the most in my closet, I then thought that those were the essentials to my style, but I wasn’t sure if they’re gonna change, a little less than a year later I think this is definitely something I love and think represents me best. BLACK WHITE GRAY BLUE DENIM STRIPES METALLICS LUCITE Creo que he llegado a un punto donde estoy bastante enamorada de mi estilo y lo que tengo en mi closet, obviamente siempre puedes añadir alguna que otra cosa, pero en éste momento, estoy muy feliz y me siento confiada de mi estilo, el año pasado hice un recap …



Please ignore the bruises on my legs from too much pole fitness-ing haha, they do get some stares I gotta admit, to me they feel like honor badges, something to feel proud of, cause they usually mean I finally got a new possition just right. This was a rather hot weekend, I could barely stand the heat, it’s that awful heat that makes you want to lay in a vegetative state for days on end, this wasn’t such a productive weekend, but I still managed to get important things done, like, you know, binge watching the entire Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt third season in a day, shoot for the blog, be somewhat sociable, get some shopping done and, oh who am I kidding, it was a productive weekend haha, this fact doesn’t make mondays suck any less, but here’s some outfit inspiration to get you through it. What did you do over the weekend? Was it a productive or lazy one? Por favor ignoren los moretones en mis piernas de tanto pole fitness, atraen miradas, eso …


I think I found part of my summer uniform, I got this dress in january, and wasn’t sure of how to style it, I took the minimal approach and mixed it with my love for athleisure looks, hence the adidas’ Stan Smiths in gold, I had been dreaming of this pair for a while and I finally decided to quit fooling around on the subject and ordered them from their online store, and since it wa my first purchase I got 15% off! Score! Creo que encontré parte de mi uniforme de verano, compré éste vestido por ahí de enero, y no estaba segura de cómo lo iba a usar, así que me fui por el camino del minimalismo y lo mezclé con mi amor por el athleisure, por eso los Stan Smith de Adidas en dorado, tenía varios meses con ganas de éstos tenis, y a principios del mes decidí de dejar de hacerme mensa y los compré en su tienda en línea, y como era mi primera compra, me dieron un descuento del …


What do you do on a weekend? For me weekends are kind of weird lately, on one hand I just want to stay in bed, watch Netflix and take naps, on the other hand, come Sunday nights, spending my weekends doing nothing makes me feel guilty, I feel I should be going out, seeing places, laughing, having fun, you know what I mean, living life. ¿Qué haces en un fin de semana? Para mi son medio extraños últimamente, por un lado tengo ganas de quedarme en mi cama, ver Netflix y dormir, por otro lado, cuando llega la noche del Domingo, el haber pasado así mi fin de semana me hace sentir culpable, siento que debería estar saliendo, visitando lugres, riéndo, divirtiéndome, ya sabes, viviendo la vida. One thing I’m sure about is that weekends are made for awesome laid back looks like this one, these are perfect for running errands, having brunch, catching a movie, don’t you think? De algo de lo que estoy segura es que los fines de semana se hicieron para …


  em·pow·er əmˈpou(ə)r/ verb past tense: empowered; past participle: empowered give (someone) the authority or power to do something. “nobody was empowered to sign checks on her behalf” 2. make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. “movements to empower the poor” That’s how I feel lately, I want to shatter glass ceilings, not fit into glass slippers, my femininity isn’t the limit, it’s the reason. Así me siento últimamente, quiero romper techos de cristal, no entrar en zapatillas de cristal, mi femineidad no es un límite, es la razón.   WEARING | USANDO: BLAZER FOREVER21 BODY BERSHKA GIRLS TROUSERS SFERA SUNNIES SAMMYDRESS SHOES SHASA