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Is style something we learn? Is it on our DNA? These are questions I ask myself while I’m trying to fall asleep or as I’m in the shower washing my hair, but seriously, where does one get their style from? is it a family trait? how come there are people not interested in the least about how they look? how come there are people like me who fall in love with silver stiletto ankle boots and dare wear them in public? And those who don’t wear statement pieces like those, what’s wrong with them? how can someone not open their closet doors and feel excitement about putting together today’s outfit? I just, I don’t know, I love that feeling you get when you’re wearing an amazing and stylish outfit and you walk out into the world and just let the feeling of how good life is, and I’d love to share that with every person out there.   ¿Es el estilo algo que aprendemos? ¿Está en nuestro ADN? Éstas son preguntas que me hago mientras …


Ripped jeans have always been seen as some sort of evil piece of clothing designed to hurt the eyes of adults and “respectable” people. C’mon how many jokes about your ripped denims haven’t you heard from your dad/grandma/uncle? Too many huh? But the truth is, we love our ripped denim, don’t we? It makes us look cool in an understated way, it’s low key rebellious and oh so chic if done correctly. Los jeans rotos siempre han sido mal vistos, como si fueran una prenda diseñada especialmente para lastimarle los ojos a la gente mayor. Neta, ¿cuántos chistes no has escuchado salir de la boca de tu papá/abuelita/tíos acerca de tus pantalones rotos? ¿bastantes huh? Pero la verdad es que amamos nuestra mezclilla rota, ¿no? Nos hacen ver cool de una manera sencilla, es rebelde en un bajo perfil y super chic si se hace correctamente. WEARING | USANDO: TOP ZARA KIMONO ZAFUL JEANS BERSHKA LOAFERS BERSHKA BAG YSL PHOTOGRAPHY | FOTOGRAFÍA: JORGE SORIANO


Hey there humans! I hope this monday works out great for you, I hope mine does as well hehe, today I want to talk about this dress, as I told you, last week I went to Guadalajara for what I thought was a day trip, but oh surprise I had to stay there for a couple of days, and yes, you guessed it right, I hadn’t taken any luggage with me, so what do you do at a time like that? Go shopping of course! ¡Hola humanos! Espero que éste lunes les vaya genial y espero que a mi también hehe, hoy quiero contarles de éste vestido, como les dije, la semana pasada fui a Guadalajara para lo que pensé sería un viaje de ida y vuelta, pero sorpresivamente, me tuve que quedar otro día, y sí, no llevaba equipaje, ¿qué se hace en esas situaciones? ¡ir de compras por supuesto! I ended up getting this dress from the basics section at H&M and oh dear, I want to wear this every day for the …