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Hi guys! It’s been a while since I last shared with you a beauty/make up post, and something that you’ve been requesting on Instastories is that I make a post with a beauty tutorial, and another one that I talk about make up tips for hooded/droopy eyes, so I thought I’d make a full tutorial that includes a way of finding out if you’ve hooded eyes, how does that sound? ¡Hola! Ha pasado tiempo desde la última vez que compartí un post de maquillaje, y algo que me han estado pidiendo son tutoriales de maquillaje, y tips para párpados caídos, así que pensé en hacerles un tutorial completo donde pueden saber si tienes párpados caídos o no, ¿les late? DO YOU HAVE HOODED EYES? Do your lids have a crease? If your Answer is yes go on to step 2 Draw a line across your eye (horizontally, right in the middle) Does the corner of your eye pull up or down? If it is just straight, is the crease visible? If your crease isn’t visible, …


Hi guys! How’s your Tuesday going? Today I want to do a different kind of post, it is a hot spot review, this time I’ll be sharing with you my experience at D-Uñas, D-Uñas is a Spanish nail salon chain, and they invited me to live the experience at the one in my hometown. ¡Hola! ¿Qué tal va su martes? Hoy quiero hacer un post algo diferente, es una reseña de un hot spot, en ésta ocasión les quiero compartir mi experiencia en D-Uñas, D-Uñas es una franquicia de salones de manicura Española, y me invitaron a vivir la experiencia con ellos en la sucursal de Aguascalientes. I got there on the day of my appointment and they were already waiting for me, Liliana introduced herself to me, she’d be the one taking care of me that afternoon, I was offered a drink, which I reaaally appreciated since it was so hot outside that day. Llegué ahí el día de mi cita y ya me esperaban, Liliana se presentó, ella se encargaría de atenderme esa …


Monday’s are hard enough without the predicament of how to do your hair in a way that will look presentable/cute but won’t require you to sacrifice those extra zzz minutes, so enjoy a cup of coffee and get inspired by these three easy do’s (so easy that it took me less than 5 minutes to switch from one to other for these pictures) Los lunes ya son lo suficientemente difíciles sin el predicamento de qué hacer con tu cabello para que se vea presentable y lindo, pero que no te haga sacrificar minutos extra de sueño, así que disfruta una taza de té y encuentra algo de inspiración en estos tres sencillos peinados (tan sencillos que me tomó menos de 5 minutos cambiar de uno a otro para éstas fotos) THE DOUBLE PONY TAIL THE HALF BUN THE TWIST