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Daniela Soriano has a Fashion and Textile Design degree from UAA, she graduated in 2014 and has worked as a Childrenswear designer, since March 2016 she created this blog to fulfill that need to create fashion and lifestyle related content, she’s previously been a collaborator for SONY’s Kalixta platform, as well as some other blogs, but it is with JUST LIKE HEAVEN that she’s decided to take this as a full time job and take it to the next level.
Since the blog’s creation in 2016 she’s worked with brands such as John Frieda, GOLDCARE, Ina Villarreal, SheIn, Zaful, Perugia, Adore Me, Urša Zrnec Jewelry, Timex, to mention a few. Currently the blog has an average reach of 5.5K monthly from countries such as the United States, México, the UK, Spain and Canada (to mention the most important ones.)

Daniela Soriano es egresada de la licenciatura de Diseño de Moda en Indumentaria y Textiles de la UAA, se graduó en 2014 y ha trabajado como diseñadora de ropa infantil, desde Marzo de 2016 creó éste blog para llenar esa necesidad de crear contenido de moda y estilo de vida, anteriormente ha colaborado con la plataforma Kalixta de SONY, así como algunos otros blogs, pero es con JUST LIKE HEAVEN que decide convertirlo en un trabajo de tiempo completo y llevarlo al siguiente nivel.
Desde la creación del blog en 2016, ha colaborado con marcas como John Frieda, GOLDCARE, Ina Villarreal, SheIn, Zaful, Perugia, Adore Me, Urša Zrnec Jewelry, Timex, por mencionar algunas. Actualmente el blog tiene un alcance promedio de 5.5 mil visitas mensuales de países como Estados Unidos, México, Reino Unido, España y Canadá (mencionando los más representativos.)


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  1. Hola Danni! Mucho gusto! Soy Brenda! Te encontré gracias a un post de Dana de IveGotCake y ví que también eres de México! Espero que esto no sea raro, jaja, pero al igual que tu, también no conozco bloggeros de México. Estoy en el Edo. de México, un poco retirado de Aguascalientes, pero me encantaría poder en un futuro colaborar o si ambas nos enconrtamos en el D.F. o por nuestros rumbos hacer lo mismo que Dana. Saludos!

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  2. you hv a nice blog – photography is where i see u high…

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  3. wow your blog is so beautiful and very interesting
    I’m really happy to discover and follow it

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  4. Hey Daniela, I am so obsessed with your blog! I nominated you for the “Liebster-Award” because I totally love your way of writing and your amazing pictures. You don’t have to take part in it, but it would make me happy! More information to that on my blog 🙂
    Best, Antonia

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  5. Your blog is quite inspiring, I must admit. We all have a chance to make our lives better and you are doing just that. Keep it up!

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  6. Hello! I love your blog so much! Your theme is so professional and classy! I am looking to turn my lifestyle blog into a business, and any tips you have for becoming more professional would be appreciated!

    Thank you!
    Liv ♡


  7. Love your blog! Please take a look at mine!



  8. I have just started following your blog, but I can honestly say it is beautifully executed and very inspiring.

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