Mexico’s Fashion Week ended about two weeks ago, but I wanted to share a bit of the talent in my country, Mexico’s Fashion scene is growing at an accelerated rate, now more than ever, and it is refreshing to see how our culture is being represented and remixed without doing so in a cliché-d way, so here are my favorite looks of the season!

La semana de la moda en México terminó hace casi dos semanas, pero quería compartirles un poco del talento nacional, la escena de la moda en México está creciendo a un ritmo acelerado, ahora más que nunca, y es tan refrescante el ver cómo se reinterpreta y representa nuestra cultura sin hacerlo de un modo trillado, así que aquí les dejo mis looks favoritos de la temporada.



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  1. Loved the post! Who are the designers?

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  2. I want to go to Mexico SO bag I’m jealous! Such great looks.

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  3. Stunning backdrop for some great collections.

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  4. mariozzlemynizzl 12 May, 2017 — 6:34 am

    No sabia que en México había fashion week :O Esta increíble!

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  5. These are so gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing, I can’t decide which pieces I love the most!

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