Hi guys! How’s the week going? I know I’ve been sharing a lot of blogging related posts over last couple of days, but this I had to make since a lot of you asked me to post something like this and I love it when you tell me what you want to see on the blog, please don’t stop doing it!

¡Hola! ¿cómo va la semana? sé que he estado compartiendo varios posts sobre cosas de bloggers muy seguido, pero éste lo tenía que hacer, sí o sí, varios de ustedes me lo han pedido y la verdad es que me encanta cuando me dicen qué quieren ver aquí, porfa no dejen de hacerlo.


So, when I shared my THINGS I LEARNED ON MY FIRST YEAR OF BLOGGING post, some of you were wondering what did I do that’s rendered me with almost 2k wordpress active followers. Today I’ll talk about it.

Cuando compartí mi post THINGS I LEARNED ON MY FIRST YEAR OF BLOGGING, algunos de ustedes me preguntaban, ¿cómo hice para tener casi 2k seguidores activos en wordpress? Hoy les platico todo.

When I started my blog a little over a year ago, I promised myself that I would spend time everyday stopping by people’s blogs, and commenting on them with something meaningful, I also decided that the nice thing to do, was reply to all my comments, and in turn stop by my commenter’s blogs, liking their content an giving them feedback on their posts, so I did, everytime someone stopped by, I’d thank them by reciprocating the love on their site.

Cuando empecé mi blog hace poco más de un año, me prometí que todos los días pasaría un tiempo visitando blogs y dejando algún comentario significativo, también decidí que lo correcto era contestar todos los comentarios que me dejaran, y pasar a comentar los blogs de las personas que hicieran lo mismo con mi blog, ser recíprocos y agradecidos.

Then, I started gaining followers, so it was also the polite thing to do, stop by their blogs and saying hi, I also found this was a great way to find great blogs, so I myself started following those blogs, which turned into some follow-backs, then came my first 100 follows, I think I got them 3 months in, and I was over the moon, but this didn’t make me stay in my comfort zone, I kept with my ideas of being nice and saying hi, and thank you, and liking and sharing the love, there was a month where I got almost 300 follows.

Después, la gente comenzó a seguirme, así que también lo correcto era pasar a sus blogs, y decir hola, descubrí que también era una excelente manera de encontrar blogs geniales que podía seguir, eso resultó en que algunos me siguieran de vuelta, y de pronto tenía mis primeros 100 seguidores, creo que fue como a los 3 meses de haber empezado, estaba de lo más contenta, pero no dejé que eso me detuviera por sentirme cómoda, seguí con mi idea de saludar, y dar gracias, de dar likes y compartir el cariño, hubo un mes en el que tuve casi 300 follows.

Now, I’m not saying you should go and follow every single blog you come across, just the ones that you can relate to and truly like, cause what I did next I couldn’t do if I was only following blogs at random, I realized I also needed to engage with the blogs and bloggers I loved, so I try to at least once a week, at least, stop by the posts on my wordpress reader, and like their posts, and comment if there’s something I truly feel I should say, now, another thing I do, is I leave my comments with a link to my blog, why? keep reading!

Ahora, no digo que debas ir y seguir todos los blogs con los que te encuentres, sólo con los que te puedas identificar y que en verdad te gusten, porque la siguiente cosa que hice no podría hacerla si sólo siguiera blogs a lo loco; me di cuenta de que también era necesario interactuar con los blogs y bloggers que me encantan, así que intento al menos una vez a la semana, pasar por todos los blogs en mi reader y darle like a sus posts, y comentar cuando siento que hay algo relevante que puedo decir, una cosa más que hago en estas ocasiones, es dejar al final de mi comentario un link a mi blog, ¿por qué? sigue leyendo.

blogging lessons_2

The reason I leave my url behind is, it works as a signature, it lets the blogger know who’s commenting, and it helps other people commenting on that blog find out about yours, I know many of us do that, and I know must of us don’t care if someone leaves their site’s url behind, as long as it’s not spammy, in fact, I like it when people do this, it allows me to jump quickly to their site with no problem, what I do not appreciate, and I think most of you will agree with me is the spammy kind of comments that are obviously copied and pasted all over in different blogs, you know that kind “I loved this post, please stop by my blog and follow me (insert url here)”, that I think is not nice at all, now I won’t even want to go back to your blog, let alone follow it, seriously guys, take time to read and comment with something of value, and then, leave your url.

La razón por la que dejo mi url en mis comentarios, es porque funciona como una firma, le deja saber al blogger quién está comentando, y le ayuda a gente comentando en ese blog a encontrar tu sitio, sé que varios de nosotros lo hacemos, y la verdad es que a mí no me importa si alguien lo hace, siempre y cuando no sea spam, de hecho me gusta cuando la gente lo hace, ya que me permite ir rápidamente a ver su sitio sin problema alguno, los comentarios que sí no me gustan, (y yo creo que a nadie) son esos que obviamente son un copy-paste que van dejando por todos los blogs en su camino, ya sabes, esos que dicen algo como “Me encantó tu post, por favor pasa a mi blog y sígueme (inserte url aquí)”, no me parece que sean buenos, la verdad me quitan las ganas de ir a tu blog y mucho menos seguirte, en verdad, tomen el tiempo de leer y comentar con algo de valor, y entonces sí, dejar tu url.

Please note that most of these won’t work in the long run if your site lacks quality content and consistency, as those are the key to any successful blog, but really, this is what worked for me, I’m not an expert, but give it a shot, find what works for you, and if you’d like, share it with us in the comments! I’d love to find out new tips and tricks! 🙂

Cabe destacar que ninguno de éstos funcionará a la larga si tu sitio no tiene contenido de calidad y le falta consistencia, ya que esos son la clave de cualquier blog exitoso, pero ésto es sólo lo que funciona para mí, no soy una experta, pero inténtalo, encuentra lo que funciona para ti, y si quieres, cuéntanos en los comentarios, me encantaría saber más tips 🙂


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  1. Estoy completamente contigo. El blog necesita dedicación y es importante conocer a la gente que te lee y se preocupa por comentar (entie danse los comentarios significativos, no los copy paste que mencionabas antes)

    Pongo además a prueba tu recurso de la firma. Un saludo grande desde España.

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  2. This is such great advice! Friendliness goes a long way! xx.

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  3. Nice!! Thank for giving some advice of what to do and how you reached your followers!!

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  4. great tips, thank you so much for ood sharing dear

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  5. Great tips!! 🙂 I recently reached 100 followers on my blog so I’m always looking for ways to grow my audience 💕

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  6. Great tips! And those photos! Stunning!!
    I really enjoyed this post Daniela !
    Have a lovely day

    Ven’s Wife Style

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  7. Love this post! I also started my blog almost a year ago in September. Unfortunately it has been very difficult to keep posting on a regular basis. Any tips for that? How you combine blogging with school/work/hobbies? I would love to read a blogpost about that! Anyway, thanks for these lovely tips, I will try them for sure!

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  8. Another wonderful blog. Nice and handy tips. Well done Daniela

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  9. I really Like that you are doing several posts about how you grew your blog. I am a new blogger myself, and it’s been like pulling teeth trying to grow a following without selling my soul and becoming that ‘spammy annoying person’ . Please keep it up! You’re advice is very instructive!

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  10. Am I doing “blogs” the right way, I just kind of wrote out my emotions, attempting to kind of get them off my chest ??

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  11. I love this advice, nice reminder that we need to be grateful and kind to those who support us!
    I never leave my link at the end of comments, maybe I should more often!

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  12. Thank you for the tips girl! I also do a lot of commenting on blogs and commenting back on my own comments (that sounds difficult, hope you understand it) I also feel like that gives my much followers. I think connecting with your followers and other bloggers and staying in touch with them is one of the most important things of having a great blog! Glad you shared your tips today! That url-thing is a very good tip. Lol, I always found it annoying when people did that but I’m starting to get it now! Thanks! xo

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  13. These are really helpful tips! I’ve noticed that when I comment on other blogs with meaningful feedback or just a comment on the actual content that I get more engagement so this post shows it really works!

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  14. nataliesalchemy 12 May, 2017 — 11:04 pm

    I realized as I was commenting on other blogs that I liked, I would look at the commentors and see if anyone left a link so I could see if they had content that peaked my interest. Because I was one of those users who thought they were useful, I began to use them too! It’s nice to leave an easily accessible link because often I want to check out someone’s blog, but it only leaves me to a Gravatar, and then I’m thoroughly dissapointed haha.

    Natalie | Holistic Health, Lifestyle, & Travel

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  15. I love that you really find the time to comment and reply to all yours readers. Amazing Dani! Love this post! 😘💕

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  16. very helpful! I try to do the same and reciprocate the love, but now I’ll be leaving the link to my blog! thanks doll ❤ congrats on 2k!

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  17. I had underestimated just how important it is to engage with others in the blogging community, that being said sometimes I feel that I lack the drive to not be lazy and to devote time to others and/or also geunineity in commenting in other blogs. I mean the reality really is that engaging ( following, commenting, being consistent about following) does increase both of our blog’s gain but the way to go about it without that focus of gain…can be a bit challenging.

    ~ Bre


  18. Gracias por los tips! voy empezando mi blog y justo estaba buscando la manera de llegar a más personas. Saludos 🤗



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