Monday’s are hard enough without the predicament of how to do your hair in a way that will look presentable/cute but won’t require you to sacrifice those extra zzz minutes, so enjoy a cup of coffee and get inspired by these three easy do’s (so easy that it took me less than 5 minutes to switch from one to other for these pictures)

Los lunes ya son lo suficientemente difíciles sin el predicamento de qué hacer con tu cabello para que se vea presentable y lindo, pero que no te haga sacrificar minutos extra de sueño, así que disfruta una taza de té y encuentra algo de inspiración en estos tres sencillos peinados (tan sencillos que me tomó menos de 5 minutos cambiar de uno a otro para éstas fotos)



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  1. I always feel like a samurai when I have the half bun on 😂

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  2. taniaatthelondonthing 8 May, 2017 — 7:58 am

    Loving the styles babe 🙂


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  3. claudia cáceres fox 8 May, 2017 — 9:24 am

    me encanta , los voy a usar.

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  4. El tercero es el que más uso. Me encanta el color de tu cabello, btw.
    un abrazo

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  5. Me encantan! En especial el Segundo y tercero. A ti los tres estilos te quedan genial xx

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  6. Love the first one babe! double pony tail!! xo Ines

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  7. I likr d twists, in fact i do it a lot, monday can b quite a struggle sometyms, adding how to make ur hair shouldn’t add to it lol

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  8. I can’t wait to try out the twist hairstyle. So cute. Your hair looks amazing this color btw!

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  9. These are all great! I really like the twist one 😀

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  10. So beautiful … all of them!!! Have a wonderful day … xoxo!!!

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  11. Oooh! Such pretty hair!! I love that shade of ash blonde, too.

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  12. I LOVE the half bun. That is a hairstyle I do so often. I think it is also super great on 2nd/3rd day hair, when it get’s a bit oily/greasy. I really love your haircolour by the way! I never saw it that good but I think it looks really lovely! xo

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  13. Loving the double pony tail Dani! So cool! 🤗💕



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