Hi there humans!

It is a new month today, and I’m super charged with energy and positive vibes to make the most of it, I want to start May sharing my lipstick collection with you, last year I did and tbh it was a small collection, but over the past year it’s really grown, so take a look at it, scroll down!

¡Hola humanos!

Hoy empieza un mes más, y vengo super recargada de energía y vibras positivas para vivirlo al máximo, quiero empezar Mayo compartiéndoles mi colección de lipsticks, el año pasado lo hice, y la verdad es que entonces era una colección super chiquita, pero durante el último año ha crecido, así que para verla toda sigue hacia abajo.

my lipstick collectionmy lipstick collection_1ESSENCE in 11 nude love, and 01 wearing only a smile

my lipstick collection_2my lipstick collection_3CHANEL ROUGE ALLURE in 104 passion


my lipstick collection_4my lipstick collection_5AVON MARK in marrón mate and coral resplandeciente mega luminous


my lipstick collection_6my lipstick collection_7EYEBERRY shade 13


my lipstick collection_8my lipstick collection_9ART DECO  54 True Bordeaux


my lipstick collection_10my lipstick collection_11ELIZABETH ARDEN luminous lip gloss, red door red


my lipstick collection_12my lipstick collection_13LANCOME juicy shaker 301 melimelon


my lipstick collection_14my lipstick collection_15my lipstick collection_16MAC COSMETICS especial editions; amplified creme Saucy Little Darling, matte Viva Glam1 A46, satin Sushi Kiss, matte Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson A96

my lipstick collection_17my lipstick collection_18MAC COSMETICS matte Honey Love AB45, lustre Muscu-linity A96, retro matte Runaway Hit A75, cremesheen Fanfare A84

my lipstick collection_19my lipstick collection_20my lipstick collection_21MAC COSMETICS matte Bunnybeams EB6, amplified Violetta A75, matte Lust Extract A26, matte Diva BA5


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  1. Omg. Loveley stash. Love the Essence lipsticks also you have nice Mac
    Colors too 🙂

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  2. Love the Chanel Rouge Allure, super chic!! And the Elisabeth Arden Luminous Lip Gloss gorgeous for summer nights!! Good selection babe! Xo Ines

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  3. Wow tienes miles! Mis favoritos los de MAC y juicy shaker ❤

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  4. Hi! Just wanted to say I love your blog, it’s been really inspiring for me 🙂 I wish I had a lipstick collection like this! I love the Mac nude colours and the Chanel Rouge ❤ I hope you don’t mind, I’ve nominated you for the Blue Sky tag. I really want to connect with some more bloggers and it seemed like a fun way to do so 🙂 if you want to do it check out my post 🙂 – Cat x

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  5. Saludos Daniela. Estoy encantada con tu colección de Mac. Los lipsticks Mac son muy buenos y tienen un buen fijador, además que tienen una gama de colores impresionante. Debes probar con la línea de Bobbie Brown. No tiene tanta variedad como Mac ya que su filosofía es más hacia lo natural, pero gozan de una suavidad y un fijador que ya me contarás. 😉

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  6. That Chanel colour is just beautiful! What a great collection! xxx

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  7. these colours are absolutely STUNNING, I am so jealous of your collection!! The colours are all so dreamy and I might just have to steal them all hehe xxx

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  8. I love essence lipsticks and mac lipsticks! Your mac-collection is stunning! xo


  9. OMG ur lipstick collection is GOALS AF!! Mac lipsticks are some of my favs 🙂 xx

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  10. Ooooh pretty! I love lipstick. My favorute two are my Coral Chanel lipstick and my bright red Givenchy lipstick. The Givenchy lipstick even comes in a chic, leather covered tube!!

    You should check out my blog too. I just know that you are going to love it!!

    The link to my blog:

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  11. Waaay too jealous! I LOVE your collection 😍 I’m always doubting about buying a MAC lipstick as for a student that’s kind of expensive. Seems like I really have to try and buy one though… 😇

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  12. I like the MAC colour one ….


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