pink hair

Hi there humans! In case some of you are that moony, suprise! I died my hair pink, yes, it’s been about two months now and I’m loving every single day I live with it on my head. So today I want to tell you a bit about my experience with such a drastic change.

¡Hola humanos! En caso de que algunos de ustedes sean tan despistados, ¡sorpresa! me pinté el cabello de rosa, han pasado casi dos meses y amo cada día que vivo con él en mi cabeza. Es por eso que hoy quiero platicarte sobre mi experiencia con éste drástico cambio.

pink hair_1

To get pink hair you need to bleach your hair, especially if you, like I did, have really dark hair, bleaching is a chemical process that unfortunately damages your hair in order to strip it from its natural shade.

Para tener cabello rosa necesitas decolorarte el cabello, en especial si tú, como yo, tienes cabello muy oscuro, la decoloración es un proceso químico que desafortunadamente daña tu cabello para poder quitarle su tono natural.

pink hair_2

When you bleach (and damage your hair), there’s a lot of aftercare involved, sorry, there’s no other way to do it, I’ve now become a hair care addict, before I died my hair I had really healthy hair, I hadn’t dyed it in about 6 years, I barely used any heat on it and it was super healthy and strong, that’s why minimal care was involved in it, but since my hair got a lot weaker and thinner from the bleaching I’ve had to pay closer attention to how I care for it.

Cuando decoloras (y por consecuencia maltratas tu cabello), tienes que cuidarlo mucho más, lo lamento, no hay ningún otro modo de hacerlo, me he vuelto adicta a los productos de cuidado capilar, antes de teñirlo tenía cabello muy sano, no lo había procesado en seis años, casi no usaba calor para peinarlo y estaba super sano y fuerte, es por eso que el cuidado que le daba era mínimo, pero como ahora mi cabello se adelgazó y se volvió un poco más frágil he empezado a prestar más atención a cómo lo cuido.

pink hair_3

Beauty suppy stores are my favorite stores nowadays, and tbh I spend way more on hair products, before I used to get regular shampoo and conditioner, and dry shampoo, that’s it, now I’ve got sulfate free shampoo, blue shampoo, blue conditioner, moroccan oil hair mask, blue mask, color sealing mask, heat protectant spray, detangler, dry shampoo and all the products I need to touch up my color every other week.

Las tiendas de belleza son mis favoritas últimamente, y la verdad es que gasto más en productos capilares que antes, solía sólo comprar shampoo y acondicionador, ocasionalmente una botella de shampoo en seco, hasta ahí; ahora tengo un shampoo libre de sulfatos, shampoo azul, acondicionador azul, una mascarilla de moroccan oil, una mascarilla azul, una para sellar el color, spray protector de calor, desenrredante, dry shampoo, además de todo lo que necesito para retocar mi color cada dos semanas.

pink hair_4

Having all those products have made me pay closer attention to what’s in what I buy and also has made me develop a hair care routine, I can’t wash my hair everyday like I used to, otherwise the color fades away super fast and it’s too drying for my locks, now my can of dry shampoo are bff’s, I wash it every third day for the most, when I’m in the shower I use my blue shampoo and conditioner, and then I’ll take turns with my hair masks, therefore, showers take longer, I also have to be more careful when brushing it and some days I’ll need detangler, and I’ve stopped blowdrying it, now I let it air dry, when I’m going to style it with an iron I have to apply heat protectant spray, and after I’m done styling it I’ll use a drop of coconut oil on my ends.

El tener todos esos productos ha hecho prestar mayor atención a qué hay en lo que compro, también me ha hecho tener una rutina de cuidado capilar, no puedo lavarlo diario, porque el color se iría rapidísimo además de que resecaría mucho mi cabello, por lo que ahora lo hago cada tercer día, el shampoo en seco y yo somos mejores amigos, cuando lo lavo uso shampoo y acondicionador azules y voy turnando mis mascarillas, ahora bañarme me toma más tiempo, también he tenido que ser más cuidadosa al cepillarlo y a veces tengo que usar un spray para desenredar, ya no lo seco con secadora, ahora lo dejo secar al aire, y cuando le voy a aplicar calor uso un spray protector, cuando termino de peinarlo le aplico una gotita de aceite de coco a las puntas.

pink hair_5

Certainly having pink hair has had a possitive effect on my life, it really attracts attention tbh, but people likes it, I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t, the weirdest thing is that I feel way more confident in myself ever since I changed its color, it’s an empowering feeling and I’m loving every second of it, I feel like my prettiest self, and there’s no better feeling in the world, people need to do whatever they feel like doing if it makes them feel good about themselves (as long as it doesn’t hurt others ofc), so, what do you think? would you dare sport pink hair or a similar color? do you like it? what makes you feel like your prettiest self?

Sin duda alguna tener el cabello rosa ha tenido un efecto positivo en mi vida, llama mucho la atención, siendo honesta, pero a la gente le gusta, aún no conozco a alguien que no le parezca, lo más raro es que me ha ayudado a mi confianza, se siente empoderador y me encanta, me siento la versión más bonita de mí, y no hay mejor sensación en el mundo, la gente debe hacer lo que sea que le haga sentir bien (mientras no dañe a nadie), así que, ¿qué opinas? ¿te atreverías a usar un color así? ¿te gusta? a tí, ¿qué te hace sentir tu versión más bonita?


  1. The color is very pretty! Looks nice on you💖 me however, wearing my natural hair and hair that requires more attention to care for I would never dye my hair pink. Probably any other color either because I don’t want to risk that damage, having to cut my hair again and starting over. I already have a long hair care routine so adding dye would be way too much for me. I have had highlights before and I am thinking about coloring the tips at some point. Which if it gets damaged I’ll only have to cut a little off.

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      1. Yes, when I chopped all of my hair off and stopped relaxing it with chemicals I definitely felt my best and still do💖 my hair feels it’s best also. thank you✨

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  2. I can see how it will boost up your confidence. Pre-colouring you probably felt a mix of excitement and nervousness on whether you can rock the colour, at least I did when I dyed mine . But it does look amazing on you! LOVE the mix of pink and orange similar to the peach emoji if you know what I mean :,D

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  3. I can see that you are really happy and confidently beautiful ever since you colored your hair pink. It really suits you Dani! The price we pay for beauty hah? Hehe! I color my hair too so my hair requires a lot of care products but so much more for your bleached hair. The way I see it, you have been taken really good care of your hair that it looks so soft and healthy. Keep it up! 😘👍🏻💗💗💗

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