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Hi guys! It is Wednesday, and on Wednesdays there’s an outfit post! So here we are again looking at this one I put together last week, I wanted to do a different take on the power suit, something fresher that didn’t include a blazer, so I paired my ZARA trousers with this long vest, I think it looked awesome, at first I thought of wearing a pair of heels with this, but that felt too predictable, so I threw in the rose-gold sneakers into the mix and voila! I think they made the outfit so much more interesting, what do you think?

¡Hola! ¡Es miércoles, y los miércoles hay outfit post! Así que por eso estamos viendo éste que armé la semana pasada, tenía ganas de hacer algo diferente para el llamado power suit, algo más fresco que no incluyera un blazer, así que combiné mis pantalones de ZARA con éste chaleco largo, creo que se veía bastante cool, mi primer instinto fue combinarlo con tacones, pero de algún modo se sentía muy predecible, así que me decidí por mis tenis en color rose-gold y ¡listo! Creo que hicieron el outfit más interesante ¿qué opinas?

black and sneakers_10

black and sneakers_11


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  1. LOVEE your shoes!! They were never my style but you make them look so easy to wear! Loving the outfit too 🙂 xx

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  2. Stunning black look with the gold sneakers ❤

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  3. hair and shoes on fleek 😉

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  4. Absolutly love rose gold sneaker and your hair !!! You look modern and edges.. Great styling tip!!!

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  5. What a lovely sneakers! You styled them so well! xo

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  6. I’m so inlove with your outfit ❤

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  7. Love this look! All black everything with a pop of rose gold loving 😍 X

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  8. Obsessed with these sneakers! So chic xx

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  9. Me super encanto la combinación, ame los pantalones, los zapatos, llevar un chaleco largo así y tu pelo rosa hermoso ❤

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  10. Love the sneakers, really amps up the outfit! 🙂

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  11. Love the sneakers! They matches your hair and your outfit perfectly. You are such a fashion inspiration, Daniela!

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  12. Hey Daniela!

    I nominated you for some awards on my blog! Hopefully you have the time to check them out and participate 🙂

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  13. I really enjoy your sneakers dear
    your look is so beautiful with
    Have a very nice day

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