awesome finds under 300

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? I know I do, so that’s why I decided I’d share with you this awesome bunch of cool things I found for under about $15.00 USD, cool huh? Let me know what you think, which is your favorite place to get bargains? I’d love to know!

¿A quién no le gusta encontrar cosas cool a un super precio? A mi me encanta, es por eso que decidí compartirles todas estas cosas hermosas que encontré por menos de $300.00 MXN, ¿cool, no? Cuéntame qué opinas, ¿cuál es tu tienda favorita para éste tipo de cosas? ¡Me encantaría saber! 


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  1. These are some great finds! Especially the two shoes!!

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  2. These are all such great finds! Love your taste!

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  3. I love the ruffle top!

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  4. Ahh I’m dying to shop at Bershka soon!! xx

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  5. great selection! love the black slippers specially. x

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  6. Todos!! Pero esos zapatos rositas me hicieron ojitos ❤


  7. I first thought that the shirt was $126 and I was like ‘I’m never spending so much money on a t-shirt!’. And then I saw it was different currency so I got a sense of relief haha 😀

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