These are some of my favourite Instagram pictures of the month, to see all of them go to Instagram and find me as @shesjustlikeheaven and let’s be friends! This month I want to try something a little bit fun, if you end up following me, make sure to comment in one of my pictures with the hashtag #JUSTLIKEHEAVENFOLLOWBACK and I’ll make sure to follow back everyone who uses this code, I need new people on my timeline! Also I’m now on facebook, so it’d be pretty cool if you gave me thumbs up.

Algunas de mis fotos favoritas de Instagram, para ver más búscame como @shesjustlikeheaven y ¡seamos amigos! Éste mes quiero intentar algo, si me sigues en instagram, comenta una de mis fotos con el hashtag #JUSTLIKEHEAVENFOLLOWBACK y te seguiré de vuelta, necesito gente nueva en mi timeline. Otra cosa, ya estoy enfacebook, así que me encantaría si me regalaras un like.


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  1. These are such lovely photos! ❤

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  2. Lovely pictures!
    Have a great week darling!
    Love from

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  3. Hey Daniela! I’m having a blog party over at my site where you can promote your blog and meet other bloggers too. Hop on over to and join us! Xoxo

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  4. Just followed you on IG. Love your photos! 💕

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  5. Those pictures are lovely!

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  6. Great photos! I love your content ❤

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