american-psycho-review_2Hi there! I’m so so happy that you guys liked my first post on the bookshelf category (ICYMI: My fashion books collection), so like I said on that post, I want to start reading more and I’ll be sharing this with you, today I’ll tell you a bit about my impression on January’s book.

¡Hola! Estoy súper contenta de que les gustara mi primer post en la categoría bookshelf, (si te lo perdiste: My fashion books collection) como te conté entonces, quiero estar leyendo más y copartiré eso aquí contigo, hoy quiero platicarte del libro de éste mes.



Written by Bret Easton Ellis, and published in ’91, is a black comedy disguised as a crime novel, set in New York in the ’80’s, Psycho is probably one of the most disturbing books ever published, and most likely the best work by Ellis, the book is defined and reviewed no less than brilliant, and yet, I hated it.

Escrito por Bret Easton Ellis y publicado en el ’91, es una comedia negra disfrazada de novela de crimen, ubicada en Nueva York en los ’80’s, Psycho es probablemente una de las novelas más perturbadoras jamás publicadas, y seguramente el mejor trabajo de Ellis, el libro está definido y reseñado no menos de brillante, y aún así, lo odié.


The story is plagued with luxury brand references on purpose this to demonstrate what a vacant society Patrick Bateman’s living in, as the book progresses it gets more graphic and descriptive, to the point it sickened me, the lack of empathy of all the characters is astounding, and gets to a point where you realize probably Bateman’s the character who’s the most conscious about this.

La historia está plagada con referencias a marcas de lujo a propósito, ésto para demostrar la sociedad tan superficial en la que vive Patrick Bateman, con forme el libro avanza se vuelve más gráfico y descriptivo, al punto de ser enfermizo, la falta de empatía de todos los personajes es impresionante, y te lleva a preguntarte si es Bateman el personaje más consciente de todos.


I think this is a must read, cause even 25 years later, this book hasn’t been more relevant as it is now, I’d totally recommend it, it’ll make you question the times we’re living in, as well, as your sanity and Patrick’s, however, I recommend it with a huge WARNING, not for the faint hearted, I hated it so much, I won’t be rereading this.

Creo que es uno de esos libros que tienes que leer, porque 25 años después, éste libro nunca ha sido tan relevante como hoy día, lo recomendo completamente, te hará cuestionar el tiempo en el que vivimos, tu salud mental y la de Patrick, una cosa, lo recomiendo con una gran ADVERTENCIA, no es para los débiles de corazón, lo odié tanto, que no creo que lo volvería a leer.

BOOK: ****
LIBRO: ****


Have you read this? watched the movie? Share your thoughts?

¿Lo has leído o visto la película? Compárteme tu opinión.



  1. I actually started reading this book a while ago, however, for some reason I never finished it and promised myself that I will pick it up again in the future. My sister actually read it some time ago and she said that it’s a pretty graphic and gory book, so in that sense it might not be the easiest book to read (and to stomach). But I will definitely try to read it this year.

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  2. I loved the movie.
    I can’t read his books. They are completely vapid characters. I get he’s making a point but they come out as one dimensional. I can’t invest in them and end up not caring.
    I’ve watched the movie a few times and am amazed by the ending every time. Not because it’s great but so bad that I forget it and then re-discover it.

    I have a love hate relationship with it.

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