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Hi! How is your week going? I hope it’s going as great as it can be, keep your head up, the weekend is almost here, today I want to try and start a new section in the blog that I’ll probably put under the LIFESTYLE category, called BOOKSHELF, as you know, one of my goals for 2017 was to read at least 1 book per month, this inspired me to share with you what’s on my bookshelf, and also share each month what I end up reading during that time, this will hold me accountable at the end of the year to see how many books I read.

¡Hola! ¿Cómo va tu semana? Espero que de maravilla, sonríe, ya casi es fin de semana, hoy quiero intentar empezar una nueva sección en el blog, llamada BOOKSHELF, que probablemente entrará en la categoría de LIFESTYLE, como sabes, uno de mis propósitos para 2017 fue leer al menos un libro al mes, eso me dio la idea de compartirlo aquí de igual modo lo que tengo en mi librero, así que cada mes compartiré lo que haya leído, ésto me ayudará a mantener mi propósito y al final del año saber cuánto leí.


If you’ve read my ABOUT ME page, you’ll know I’m a Fashion Design graduate, so fashion is really my life, I eat, breathe and dream of fashion, it’s not just because I own a blog, but because that’s what I went to college for, anyway, I have a small collection of fashion books that I’ve been collecting over the past years, some I bought, some were gifts from my boyfriend over the last two years.

Si has leído mi página de ABOUT ME, sabrás que soy Lic. en Diseño de Moda, así que la moda en verdad es mi vida, como, respiro y sueño con ella, no se trata sólo de que tengo un blog, si no que es para lo que estudié, como sea, tengo una pequeña colección de libros de moda que he ido comprando durante los últimos años, algunos los compré yo, otros fueron regalos de mi novio en los últimos dos años.



  1. Awwwnawwwwwn, really wish i can lay my hands on dese books, anything about fashion interests me so a book on it has myheart anytym, u shud v fun reading dem. U studied fashion designing in skul? Wow, i wish dat course wqs up for study in my country but it isn’t. M a fashion designer by d way, nd i hope to learn more someday in a skul

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  2. Me encanta todo acerca de la moda y para mi es súper padre conocer qué libros puedo leer para seguir inspirándome en este tema!!! Mil gracias por compartir! Un beso

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  3. ginasanto says

    I loved reading this post, as I am constantly looking for new books to read especially fashion related ones. I have read Girl Boss and consider it one of my favorites, so based on your liking of it as well I think I will have to read some of the other recommendations. I’ll probably start with “Where’s Karl?” because I am so obsessed with Karl Lagerfeld. He is a GENIUS when it comes to everything and anything to do with fashion!!!

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  5. bethanyallyoops says

    I have been looking for some good fashion reads. Definitely going to have to go get a couple of these! Thanks for sharing. ❤

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  6. Anita Iwaniak says

    Love your collection! I am also a fashion student and my goal is to have a large collection of fashion books when I finally have a place to move in for more than a year. I started this year, also from the #Girlboss! My favourites are biographies, I can definitely recommend reading Man Repeller’s book and Alexander McQueen’s biography Blood beneath the skin, these are the ones I’ve been reading recently and some great ones. You gave me a great idea to hint to my boyfriend that a fashion book would be a nice gift from him from time to time;)


    • I really hope you can grow your collection soon, and thank you very much for the recommendations, I’ll definitely look into those! Let me know how it goes with the boyfriend! 🙂


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