Liquid eyeliner has become a basic product in every girl’s make up bag, but as common as it is, that doesn’t mean it’s easy, cause darling, nothing in life is, especially not mastering the art of liquid eyeliner. So today I’ll show you how to apply it to get a perfect winged look, cause in that’s how it works, you gotta wing it, life, eyeliner, everything.

El delineador líquido se ha vuelto un producto básico en la cosmetiquera de toda chica, pero a pesar de lo común que es, no quiere decir que sea fácil, porque nada en la vida lo es, especialmente volverte master en el arte del delineador líquido. Así que hoy te enseñaré cómo aplicarlo para tener un delineado perfecto.



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  1. Thanks for the information!

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  2. Very helpful!! Thanks!!

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  3. Hmmm, very helpful! Think I may need to take some tips from this because I’ve definitely been doing it wrong. Haha!

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  4. Actually struggle with this usually ends up twice the size. I’ll give this ago babe xx

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  5. Thanks for the helpful tutorial!

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  6. Oh dear , i just love your blog 😍

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  7. Hey! I love your blog & that’s why I’ve nominated you for the blogger recognition award & versatile award! Congratulations! 😊❤️
    Find the post at


  8. This eyeliner thing took me almost a year to learn and do it on my own. I was always relying on my lil sister (she has a talent for makeup, I don’t, hahah). Great post Dani! 💗

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  9. Ay wow, te queda super lindo! Yo me desespero porque me queda bien de un lado y del otro nunca 😦

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  10. I learned in London that if I apply black eye pencil in the inner side of upper eyelid it gives an impression of having eyeliner…it works well so far! but this tips you provide are excellent! Thank you 🙂

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  11. Thank you so much. I just started practicing on the whole eyeliner thing. I’m way out of practice, haven’t worn eyeliner in over 8 years. This will definitely help me out a lot. Would really love if you’d check out my blog and provide some feedback on how I can improve. Follow me back please.

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  12. Loved this, thanks for posting 🙂 You’ve got yourself a new follower!
    Liquid eyeliner is the best thing in the world haha


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