This is my first outfit of the year and I’m just so pleased at how these pictures turned out, they’re done by my boyfriend and it’d been a while since he’d shot with me for the blog.

Éste es mi primer outfit del año y estoy muy contenta con cómo salieron las fotos, las tomó mi novio y hacía tiempo que el me había fotografiado para el blog.


The truth is I learned something very important while doing these, during the whole time we were doing this, I kept messing with my hair (I’m no longer used to it in its natural wavy state) it just felt awkward and uncomfortable and I just hated it, until he said I needed to stop messing with it or we’d stop shooting, cause my hair looked just fine.

La verdad es que aprendí algo muy importante mientras las hacíamos, durante todo el tiempo que estuvimos fuera tomándolas me la pasé agarrandome el cabello (perdí la costumbre de su estado natural ondulado al tenerlo corto tanto tiempo) lo sentía raro e incómodo lo odié, hasta que me dijo que tenía que dejarme el cabello en paz o dejaríamos de tomar fotos porque mi cabello se veía bien.


When I came home that night, I downloaded all of the pictures from my camera and started looking at them, tbh my favorite ones were the ones where I’d just let my messy hair be, the first ones ended up just looking awkward and not cool at all, cause I was projecting how I was feeling about it onto all the pictures, so now I see, sometimes, you just have to let things be, hair, life, people, and sometimes you’re the only one thinking the worst of yourself, like I was, truth is, my hair looks pretty dope this way.

Cuando llegué a casa esa noche, bajé todas las fotos a mi laptop y comencé a verlas, para ser honesta mis favoritas fueron donde dejé mi cabello ser, las primeras proyectaban lo incómoda que estaba, ahora veo que a veces tienes que dejar las cosas ser, tu cabello, la vida, la gente, y a veces eres la única que piensa lo peor de ti, como yo con mi cabello, la verdad es que, mi cabello se ve bastante cool.


65 thoughts on “SHADES OF GRAY

  1. I agree! Your hair looks awesome! I caught myself doing the same thing yesterday during my shoot. It was my hair, not knowing what to do with my hands, which way to look, just a feeling of awkwardness all around. But I told myself that I was overthinking it and to just let it go. I could tell the difference in the shots after that.You’re beautiful and these shots are fab!

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    1. It happens right?! I thought I was the only one, sometimes it gets hard for me cause I’m like what am I supposed to do with my hands? And then I get so awkward haha, how do you do it to overcome this awkwardness? I’d love to know what works for you 🙂 Thanks for dropping by with feedback, means a lot!

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    1. Siii, yo creo que también tiene que ver que hace mucho no me tomaba fotos él, usualmente es mi hermano y con él ya todo es súper natural porque ya estamos como que sincronizados, no sé qué sea pero sí, haha, gracias por pasar siempre Di! 🙂

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    1. Hi Viv! Yesss,, they’re totally worth it, my mom asked me the exact same thing the other day cause she’s seen me wearing them so much lately, it takes a couple of times wearing them to really break them in, but after that they become pretty comfy and nice to look at too! ❤


  2. I love how put together your outfits look!! They’re just so pretty!! I don’t generally wear that much grey but I can definitely use this as my inspiration when I play around with the colours!!
    Check out my blog?

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