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Sheet masks have been in vogue for quite a while now, so I decided I’d give them a try, I found this brand Lady Natural at HEB for $20.00 MXN (a little over a dollar), I went with the anti ageing one and tried it over the weekend.

Éste tipo de mascarillas faciales han estado de moda desde hace un tiempo, así que decidí probarlas, encontré ésta marca Lady Natural en HEB por $20.00 MXN, elegí la antiedad y la probé el finde.


So the instructions are pretty easy, you open up the package, and then you take out the mask, unfold it and place it over your face, then wait for 15-20 minutes, finally you remove it.

Las instrucciones son bastante simples, abres el empaque, sacas la mascarilla, la desdoblas y la acomodas sobre tu cara, luego esperas de 15 a 20 minutos y la retiras.


What I did first was wash my face with my electric brush to exfoliate and have a clear skin that was more receptive to the mask and its ingredients.

Lo que hice primero fue lavarme la cara con mi cepillo eléctrico para exfoliar y limpiar bien la piel para que recibiera de mejor modo los ingredientes de ésta.

The mask’s texture is very similar to baby wipes, I’d dare to say it’s the same material.

La mascarilla tiene una textura y consistencia a las toallitas húmedas, me atrevo a decir que están hechas del mismo material.


I think the mask’s size is too wide for my face which made applying it a bit harder.

I really liked the smell.

After applying it, I let it sit for 20 minutes, time that ofc I used to creep my beau out with tons of selfies — he did say they creeped him out, while I on the other hand was laughing  and pouting, cause if you can’t send your ugly selfies to your SO what’s the point? — what I must tell you is that laying down — cause there’s absolutely no other way to make it stay in place — with something wet on your face for twenty minutes, will make you feel incredibly cold.

Creo que el tamaño de la mascarilla es muy ancho, es difícil de acomodar.

Me gustó el aroma.

Después de aplicarla, la dejé reposar durante 20 minutos, tiempo que ooobvio usé para asustar a mi novio con un montón de selfies — en verdad dijo que lo asustaban, mientras yo desde mi cama moría de risa y le hacía pucheros, porque si no puedes mandarle tus selfies feas a tu significant other estás perdida— algo que sí te puedo decir es que estar acostada — neta no hay otro modo de hacer que se quede en su lugar la cosa ésta — con algo húmedo sobre tu cara durante 20 minutos, hará que te congeles.


As the minutes went by I could feel my skin tightening.

Mientras pasaba el tiempo pude sentir como mi piel se iba como apretando.

20 minutes later I removed it, I felt my skin tighter and more hydrated. The feeling lasted all day long.

20 minutos después me la quité, sentía mi piel más firme e hidratada. La sensación duró todo el día.


I think I’d give it a 3/5, wouldn’t buy again.

Le doy un 3/5, no creo volver a comprarla.

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Daniela Soriano has a Fashion and Textile Design degree from UAA, she graduated in 2014 and has worked as a Childrenswear designer, since March 2016 she created this blog to fulfill that need to create fashion and lifestyle related content, she’s previously been a collaborator for SONY’s Kalixta platform, as well as some other blogs, but it is with JUST LIKE HEAVEN that she’s decided to make it a full time job and take it to the next level.


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