Hi guys, me here again, trying to bring some self-improvement to life, so, if you read my latest POM post — in case you haven’t, I recommend you do it, cause, not to toot my own horn, but it’s pretty good — you know by now about my issues with anxiety, and knowing I’m probably not the only one out there dealing with it, I thought I’d share my 3 tips to deal with anxiety.

  1. Sing – My therapist recommended this, she said that there’s times when you’ll be having an anxiety attack  while in the car, and you need to manage it and overcome it, and what’s the best thing you can do in those cases? Turn up the music and sing your heart out, this will help you to relax, breathe and concentrate on something other than the panic attack at hand.
  2. Breathe – Seriously, the key to managing any anxiety attack is through breathing, this will let your body know that everything’s fine and suppress that fight or flight response it’s having, so I suggest you try the 4-7-8 breath technique; “Breathe in through your nose for a slow count of 4 (from your belly, not your chest), hold it for a slow count of 7, and then let it out through your mouth for a slow count of 8 (pulling your belly button back toward the spine and pushing out all the air).”
  3. Think your anxiety through – So, that thing you’re worrying about, it’s most likely not worth your worry and anxiety, so try to slow down and think, why are you feeling worried or scared, and rationalize it, I know it’s harder than it seems, but practice makes perfect, and soon you’ll realize those things that usually trigger your anxious response aren’t so scary after all.

Do you have any anxiety issues? How do you deal with it? I’d love to find more tips to overcome it, so please stop by the comment section and leave a note 🙂


Hola, estoy de vuelta tratando de agregar mejoras a mi vida, si leíste mi último post en la sección POM — si no lo leíste te lo recomiendo mucho, no por echarme porras yo sola, pero está bastante bueno — sabes que sufro de problemas de ansiedad, y como sé que probablemente no soy la única lidiando con ella, se me ocurrió compartir mis tres tips para sobrellevar la ansiedad.

  1. Canta – Mi psicóloga me recomendó ésto, dijo que hay momentos en los que tienes una ataque de ansiedad mientras vas manejando, y necesitas controlarlo para evitar un accidente, y ¿qué es lo mejor que se puede hacer en éstos casos? Súbele a la música y canta, ésto te ayudará a relajarte, respirar y concentrarte en otra cosa además del ataque de pánico que estás teniendo. 
  2. Respira – En verdad, la clave para lidiar con cualquier ataque de ansiedad es la respiración, ésto le hace saber a tu cuerpo que todo está bien y que la reacción de fight or flight que está teniendo no es necesaria, así que te sugiero que intentes con la técnica de respiración 4-7-8; “Respira por la nariz en una cuenta de 4 (desde el estómago, no el pecho), aguanta la respiración contando despacio hasta 7, exhala por la boca mientras cuentas despacio hasta 8 (jalando tu ombligo hacia la columna y sacando todo el aire).”
  3. Racionalízalo – Resulta que, eso por lo que estás preocupada, no vale la pena, así que detente y piensa, ¿por qué te preocupa o asusta?, sé que es más difícil de lo que parece, pero la práctica hace al maestro, y pronto te darás cuenta de que esas cositas que usualmente te generan una reacción ansiosa no asustan tanto como antes. 

Y tú, ¿tienes problemas con la ansiedad? ¿cómo la manejas? Me encantaría leer tus tips, así que porfa déjame tus sugerencias en un comentario aquí abajo 🙂

PS: If all else fails, here’re some pictures of Teodoro, and a cute overload, always works!

PD: Si todo falla, aquí hay fotos de Teodoro, una dosis de ternura siempre es buena.


  1. Great tips.

    I can add one more: I exercise when im anxious. The harder the exercise, the better it helps me. If I cannot do it regular way (like at work or sth) I go to toilet (where I keep my privacy) and jump. After 2-3 minutes of jumping jacks I get so tired I forget about my anxiety.

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  2. I’m glad you’ve found ways to conquer it! I deal with it too, and thinking it through really does help, sense your mind is constantly overthinking. My anxiety exploded last year, and I had to start seeing a therapist too. Glad you’re finding ways to calm it. I take walks 😀

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  3. Music and being by myself helps. I have a ton of anxiety and I really do struggle with it at times and besides music and being by myself, it also helps for me to talk to people about it. I have a few close friends who understand, who are often very anxious as well and I can easily talk through my problems with them!

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    1. That’s nice! Glad to hear you’ve got a support system right there, because it’s hard for people who’ve never been anxious to understand the feeling 🙂 I’ll make sure to add your tips as well when I update this post 🙂


    1. Aww thanks so much for stopping by, I’m sorry that you suffer from it as well, I wouldn’t desire it to anyone, but I’m glad you find this comforting ❤ 🙂 you have a lovely week, stay in touch! Also, if you've got any tips for dealing with it I'd love to read them.


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