One of 2016’s biggest trends are white sneakers, I found this pair the other day, I thought they’re perfect, white canvas sneakers, have you gotten yourself a pair yet? If not you better, cause it seems the trend will move on to the next season, I’m already thinking of lots of styling options for these babies 🙂

Una de las tendencias más grandes del 2016 son los tenis blancos, me encontré éste par el otro día y pensé que eran los tenis de lona blanca perfectos, y tú, ¿ya tienes los tuyos? Si no, mejor ve pensando en adquirir unos porque todo apunta a que ésta tendencia continuará la siguiente temporada, yo ya estoy pensando un montón de maneras de combinar los míos 🙂



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  1. I love using white sneakers when I style an outfit. They go with everything and add a touch of effortless minimalism!
    xx Sky

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  2. White sneakers are my fave! Nice pair you got there! 💞

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  3. White sneakers are a must and mine are my favorite pair of shoes! Love yours! Happy walking in your new beauties! ❤

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  4. DAMN DANIELA back at it again with those white sneakers
    okay i’m lame i’ll go now haha /KM

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